What We Do/Key Issues


Founded in 1988, MICAH is a multi-racial, interfaith organization committed to the justice issues of greatest impact on our communities. Our membership includes 40 congregations. Of many religious traditions, we work in unity to fulfill MICAH’s primary goal: To empower people to act together in pursuit of justice.

In addressing a wide range of issues, MICAH broadens our sphere of influence through affiliations with other like-minded groups.


We expand our influence in Wisconsin through our connection with WISDOM, a grassroots organization comprising approximately 160 member congregations of almost 20 different religious backgrounds. For example, our joint efforts helped launch the ROC WI Campaign to cut the Wisconsin prison population by 50%. A few of our strategies include: ensuring money is available in the state budget to create treatment alternatives to incarceration, promoting policy changes to remove incarceration as an option for most technical violations of parole and probation (now known as community supervision) rules, monitoring and agitating for parole for inmates prosecuted before the “Truth in Sentencing” law abolished parole, as well as advocating for humane treatment of incarcerated men and women.


Our voice is further strengthened by our association with Gamaliel, whose mission seeks to empower ordinary people to effectively participate in political, environmental, social, and economic activities. With 7 regional offices and 43 affiliates across 16 states, Gamaliel’s diverse membership shares our faith-based values, pursuit of equal opportunity, and desire for stronger, more prosperous communities.

Key Issues

Jobs & Economic Development
Alcohol & Substance Abuse
• Immigration
Civic Engagement
• Racial Justice
Criminal Justice & Prison Reform
• Health Care availability
• Public Transportation.