Civic Engagement

This nation’s founders believed all citizens must be ready to stand up for freedom and do what’s required to preserve our democracy. MICAH agrees with that principle and works to develop an informed, active electorate that’s aware of the power of their vote and is prepared to stand up for causes that affect our freedom. MICAH is active on the issue of abolishing Voter ID requirements. We work with other community organizations and partners in helping to turn out the vote for every election, and we believe every election is important. We stand ready to collaborate on every front whenever and however the right to vote is threatened.

We work with Wisconsin Voices and their many partners to make the connection between the issues that are important to people and voting, including local elections where voters have an even greater voice.

And when any key issue that affects justice and individual freedom requires support, we stand ready to mobilize so that the voice of every person gets heard and everyone’s rights are preserved.