COLE featured in Spectrum News

Richard Diaz, chair of the Coalition on Lead Emergency (COLE), recently spoke with Spectrum News 1:

“The areas [with high levels of lead exposure] are the same that faced housing discrimination,” Diaz said. “You know, neighborhoods that were redlined, boxed in, so you couldn’t move from over there. You’re not going to get a loan to move anywhere else in the city back in the 1930s, so, same areas.”

Diaz started advocacy work through the organization years ago providing water filters, information and other resources to families at the center of the city’s lead crisis. Their work also goes beyond family education.

“We’re a volunteer base, grassroots effort,” Diaz said. “We’re also working to get folks jobs within the lead abatement field. And most importantly, trying to push policies that get lawmakers to act on the century-old pandemic epidemic of lead poisoning.”

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