The MICAH Transportation task force advances the goals of the Jobs and Economic Development Committee by working to develop transportation channels for minorities and people with barriers to employment so they can access family-supporting jobs across Milwaukee and, especially, in the surrounding suburban communities. In keeping with MICAH’s fundamental task of addressing the systemic racism that is so entrenched in our community, destroying hope, opportunity, potential, health, and life itself, our main objective is to address the racial disparities that abound around transit issues.

We give testimony around local transportation budget issues and work in coalition with other groups to address transportation issues statewide. We support the long-range goal of establishing a regional transportation authority able to generate money to support a vibrant, multimodal, and equitable transportation system for Southeast Wisconsin. We will continue to participate in the statewide Coalition for More Responsible Transit. We are represented in current efforts to bring people together across county lines to discuss transit issues from different points of view.

The challenge for the years ahead is financial restraints at the county level which will cut back transit funding. And with road construction consuming 80 percent of the transportation budget at the state level, the need for fewer freeway lanes and more transit options looms large.  Because the expansion of I-94 West with added lanes to the Marquette Interchange has again emerged as an issue, MICAH will be working with CMRT (Coalition for More Responsible Transit) to defeat any expansion and to focus on the equity issues which this presents for people of color in Milwaukee. 

SEWRPC has just released information about the proposed North-South rapid transit route and the options that have been considered and may be recommended.  Several opportunities for action in the coming months will be evolving including public hearings on the proposed I-94 expansion models WISDOT is proposing.  We were reminded that MANDELA BARNES has joined the Climate Task Force in recommending a FIXatSIX approach to this issue.  FIXatSIX yard signs and a banner are being dispersed as we move forward to educate the community.  

I-94 East-West Spring 2022 NEWSLETTER


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has ignored our calls for a #FixAtSix solution and will (try to) move forward with an eight-lane expansion. Read our release here: