Racial Equity

Taking a Faithful Stance for Racial Equity

“Taking a Faithful Stand for Equity” is an effort coordinated by MICAH, WISDOM, the Wisconsin Council of Churches and Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice.  We bring together people of faith from around the state to look at ways we can stand together against efforts to roll back equity and inclusion efforts, including limiting schools’ ability to teach the whole truth about race and the role racism has played in our past and present.

The mass shooting in Uvalde is heavy on our hearts right now, we also remember the racially motivated shooting in Buffalo just weeks before, and the many similar acts of hate that have taken place in our country. While the causes of such tragedies are multiple, our work to advance racial equity in our state is a necessary part of the solution.

Issues of “Teaching the Truth” and Equity were hot topics in many School Board and other local elections earlier this month.  A lot of money came from outside groups to support candidates who would try to curtail diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and who would limit history to what was taught in decades past. 

This month, on the Faithful Stand for Equity call, we will look at some of the results of those April elections, and what they tell us.  The results were mixed, but not entirely discouraging.  They might show us a path we can follow to be effective in standing together for our values.