We All Belong Launch

We All Belong

A partnership between MICAH and WISDOM, the We All Belong campaign against the rise of “christian” nationalism was officially launched Thursday, August 3, 2023.

Led by religious leaders of all faiths, we welcome anyone who rejects hatred, inequality and oppression to join our efforts to advocate for a society where everyone belongs and is valued and protected.

Close to 100 Milwaukee area religious leaders, representing Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Unitarian traditions and more, gathered to declare their commitment to the three themes of the campaign: Protect Democracy, Reject “christian” Nationalism, and Build the Beloved Community.

Rev. Dr. Richard Shaw, President of MICAH, led a Press Conference at the iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. statue in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville, after which the religious leaders signed the We All Belong Statement. Participants then processed to Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church for discussion and strategy-building about the Campaign.

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